Based on a True Fantasy

20192 h 01 min

The story of Elton John's life, from his years as a prodigy at the Royal Academy of Music through his influential and enduring musical partnership with Bernie Taupin.

Title Rocketman
Director Dexter Fletcher
Release Date 22 May 2019
Runtime 2 h 01 min
Budget $40,000,000
Movie Media
Movie Status
Movie Rating Very good
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My Opinion : ROCKETMAN – A biographical representation of Elton Johns extravagant personal life as he rises to fame yet falls down into a dangerously dark spiral of alcohol intoxication, drug over usage, sex addiction and a journey through love, regret and salvation. A lot of respect is given to the film for doing what Bohemian Rhapsody couldn’t do which was to truly show the much darker and flawed personality of Elton John as he battles against reality when at the same time we travel across his bubble of parties and extreme suits and mindset. But maybe it does lean over it a little too much or thats how it felt for me at least. The best this movie has to offer is Taron Egerton’s out of this world performance as the main artist as I would regard as one of the best that 2019 has had yet to offer which is quite the achievements considering the many good films thats already came out this year. Many others have performed really well in this film and honestly, every character had portrayed their real life people. The flow of the film stays the same which is good and cinematography is on point. A final point i’d like to address is how well the directors reconstruct the 60s through the 80s and its really impressive. Honestly I enjoyed the movie even though I sort of hoped it would’ve made a bigger impression on me, there aren’t many great scenes but overall its an almost really good movie so that makes up for it. 7.8/10