Atomic Blonde

Atomic BlondeAtomic Blonde

20171 h 55 min

An undercover MI6 agent is sent to Berlin during the Cold War to investigate the murder of a fellow agent and recover a missing list of double agents.

Title Atomic Blonde
Director David Leitch
Release Date 26 July 2017
Country  Sweden Germany Hungary United States of America
Runtime 1 h 55 min
Movie Media
Movie Status
Movie Rating Good
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My opinion : Atomic Blonde succeeds in a stylistic and action standpoint spectacularly to the highest degree of perfection. Every fight scene is incredibly well choreographed and stands on top with having one of the greatest hand to hand combat scenes ever pulled off in cinema. Cinematographically, the film blends in saturated neon colored imagery that stands far more unique then in most films, and honestly it really does reinforces the high octane entertainment this spy flick provides. But what it has in exquisitely epherealistic style and grippingly bone breaking action, it lacks severely in substance. The story is clear from the beginning, but as the films progresses it gets more and more complicated, which is fine until its just too confusing to follow along and you’re just left hollow in the middle because it wasn’t written correctly. The characters are interesting enough and our female heroin is insanely badass and ferociously dangerous with a certain depth to her that just isn’t covered enough or. Honestly the film would’ve been fine with thirty or fourty more minutes of run time just to slow things down and give us a few explanations on the story and some background weight on the characters to give the audiences meat to hold on too. Maybe even cut that whole interrogation narration type story to add up more tension and explore more deeply in Lorraine’s intimate, sexual, tragic life including her motivations for doing this. The film has potential to truly be the greatest film of the year but it simply went in too quick even though the material was just too big for a under two hour movie. Which makes for a rushed film that gets furthermore rushed in the ending as the story gets more and more confusing. Honestly a disappointing albeit highly entertaining, well acted, well edited (stylistically) cinematic splendor that just spent too much time on action and aesthetics instead of the actual heart of the film itself. It’s sort of like an insanely attractive woman whose extremely shallow, at first viewing you’re blown away but then after some time and careful thinking you realize she wasn’t all that interesting after all. 7.0/10