The girl behind the name

20152 h 08 min

A documentary on the life of Amy Winehouse, the immensely talented yet doomed songstress. We see her from her teen years, where she already showed her singing abilities, to her finding success and then her downward spiral into alcoholism and drugs.

Title Amy
Director Asif Kapadia
Release Date 3 July 2015
Country  United Kingdom
Runtime 2 h 08 min
Movie Media Cinema
Movie Status Available
Movie Rating Very good

My Review

One of the closest a film will ever get to feeling like a knife stabbing you in the heart, Amy does just that. With its multi layered and detailed account of a disturbed woman’s psyche and the controversial anxiety induced by fame and celebratory status, finally topped with a careful look at drug abuse, alcoholism and forceful famishing of ones self. Amy hurts from the get go, it sends dashing links of chills down every bone in your moving body, as if it were laying a cold hand on your shoulder as you stood in the darkness. It makes you understand how the music artist Amy Winehouse lived her final years and brings up a albeit very tragic but interesting topic on what popularity does to an individual, and how one could’ve avoided the terrible fate of that poor woman. A beautifully albeit heart wrenching watch.


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