Ode to Joy

Ode to JoyOde to Joy

20191 h 37 min

Charlie suffers from a serious disease that causes acute narcolepsy whenever he is happy. Although he develops a variety of techniques to deny himself pleasure and deal with his sleep issues, they’re put to the test when he falls in love.

Title Ode to Joy
Director Jason Winer
Release Date 4 April 2019
Runtime 1 h 37 min
Movie Media
Movie Status
Movie Rating Good
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My opinion : Ode To Joy is blessed with a terrific premise thats sure to bring loads of tension fueled comedic scenes and an interesting outlook on the life of a man with cataplexy. But it’s numerous flaws regarding common love-story predictability and a clichéd story sort of breaks the film. Nonetheless, as well acted and uniquely fresh enough as Ode To Joy is, it works, some of the time at least.